Overrides can be specified using various matching criteria below…

  • PoolIdentifier
  • Username
  • IPAddress
  • Group (future)

Matching occurs in the following way…

  1. Start with only PoolIdentifier in the check list
  2. If the pool has 1 member, then add Username, IPAddress and Group to the check list list
  3. If ALL items specified in the check list match, and NONE mismatch, add to the list of matches
  4. Process the list of matches from least number of matches to highest number (one match, two matches, three matches, in this order) and apply the overrides


  • Obviously if there is a match with a PoolIdentifier and Username, but this pool has more than 1 pool member it will not match. The Username, IPAddress and Group is only added if there is ONE pool member.


  • Take this scenario: Add a pool named "test1" and pool member with IP and username "joe", apply an override to IP ''. The override is applied. Add a second pool member with IP '' to the same pool. The override will be removed. Remove the pool member with IP '', the override will be applied again.