At some stage the HTTP interface will probably be converted to something like REST, for now its a bunch of URI's used which return certain data.

All JSON responses are encapsulated within a status structure.


  status: 'success',
  data: $data


  status: 'error',
  message: 'error string'

To access the JSON variant of various data one can use the below URI's…

The jsondata URI will provide a JSON formatted list of statistics for the request made.

Data Format: The $tag value will be used when returning the statistics. See OTSJsonStats.

URI format:


Possible values for type:

  • pool
    • Refers to a $interfaceGroupID:$poolName pair, this is specified as the $item field
  • class
    • Refers to statistics regarding a class. The following is available in the $item field…
      • Class:$interfaceGroupID:$classID
  • basic
    • Refers to a basic counter. The following basic counters are available in the $item field…
      • Counter:ConfigManager:TotalPools
      • Counter:ConfigManager:TotalPoolMembers
      • Counter:ConfigManager:ClassPools:$interfaceGroupID,$classID
      • Counter:ConfigManager:TotalClassPools:$classID