Data Types

The following datatypes are used by the OpenTrafficShaper API.

See below example of the JSON format for this type.

  1. $tag is the tag given to the statistical item when specifying it as a parameter
  2. $identifier can be one of the following
    1. 'tx.cir', 'tx.limit', 'tx.rate', 'tx.pps', 'rx.cir', 'rx.limit', 'rx.pps', $counter
    2. $counter is a basic counter name
  3. $label is a text label for this entry, like "RX Limit"
  4. $timestamp is the timestamp of this $value
  5. $value holds the value of the data

It must be noted there may be multiple identifiers and multiple timestamp/value pairs.

  $tag: {
    $identifier: {
      label: $label,
      data: [
        [$timestamp, $value],