• High performance event-driven design
  • Flexible plugin interface
  • Limit change batching and streaming
  • Interface grouping for easy TX/RX identification
  • Username-based limit support
  • IP address based limit support
  • Traffic match priorities - Always (first), Normal (default) and Fallthrough (last)
  • Committed traffic rates (CIR) and burstable limits
  • Time-based limit overrides
  • Class definitions allowing class prioritization and shaping
  • Optimization of traffic
    • Re-classification of traffic based on end-user experience
  • Built-in web-based interface
  • Limit configuration
  • Override configuration
  • Basic graphing


The webserver plugin implements a HTTP-based web interface entirely contained within OpenTrafficShaper. It has a nice clean interface based on Twitter Bootstrap & JQuery/JQuery-UI.

This plugin provides graphs and graphing data based on statistics retrieved from the statistics plugin.

Interface for accepting, storing and retrieving of statistics for interfaces and traffic classes.

The current supported traffic shaping system is tc, this module implements shaping rules based on tc.

Interface between tc and statistics modules for the processing of statistics coming from tc.